The following applies when you are adding in code to Elementor’s HTML module.

If you find yourself inserting a html module to create an iframe for your page, you might come across an frustrating 403 error. If your WordPress site is protected by Word Fence there is a simple fix to this problem.

  1. Select Word Fence on your Word Press dashboard.
  2. Select Firewall.
  3. You will see “Rate Limiting, Blocking, Help, and All Firewall Options.” Select “All Firewall Options.”
  4. Under “Basic Firewall Options”, you will find “Web Application Firewall Status.”
  5. Change “Enabled and Protecting” to “Learning Mode.

NOTE: It is assumed you have been running Word Fence for longer than a week when coming across this issue.

  1. Go back to the page you were editing in Elementor, add in the html code like you were attempting to do as before, and click “Update” or “Publish” if you have yet saved the page you are working on.
  2.  No more 403 error!

NOTE: Do not forget to re-enable the “Enabled and Protecting” status!


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