affordable website design packages for small business customized

$299 per year = responsive SEO wordpress website + cloud hosting + SSL + DIY customization

There are many website design companies. We mainly focus on small business, manufacturing websites, English and Chinese language, DIY, customize, affordable, SEO.

Our small business website Package including website+hosting+useful plugin,  and Domain Registration with business Email.

WordPress for business and Woocommerce for ecommerce shop online websites. Elementor pro for DIY customized design build.AI writing professional content for increase your website ranking.Dedicated VPS stable fast speed for each website.

Layout the website according with your idea, the following websites are all made by our customers

DIY your website start from $299/Year, including hosting

DIY website

$ 299 per year
  • Live Drag & Drop Editor​
  • WordPress
  • Cloud Hosting USA
  • Auto Backup
  • Premium theme install
  • Answer questions
  • website maintaince
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Fastest, global edge network
  • free SSL
  • Responsive

DIY ecommerce

$ 500 per year
  • including CMS package
  • dedicated VPS and IP
  • You can choose location
  • USA/EU/JP and more
  • Payment Gateway
  • ecommerce function

Full Design

$ 800 renew $299/year
  • including CMS package
  • Professional Design 6 Pages
  • Logo design
  • Banner design
  • upload 100 products
  • Delivery in 10 business days


DIY Affordable Custom Website Package:

  1. Contact us to order the $299 DIY custom website package.

  2. Let us know which domain you want to register. If your domain is already registered, we will provide you with the hosting IP that needs to be pointed.

  3. We will install WordPress with Elementor Pro on our server.

  4. You will receive the website’s backstage login information from us.

  5. We will teach you how to manage and customize your website layout.

  6. The annual renewal fee is $299. Before it expires, we will contact you to renew the website and hosting.

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DIY Ecommerce Package:

  1. Contact us to order the $500 DIY custom website package.

  2. Let us know which domain you want to register. If your domain is already registered, we will provide you with the hosting IP that needs to be pointed.

  3. We will install WordPress with Elementor Pro on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Each website will have its own VPS with a dedicated IP.

  4. You will receive the website’s backstage login information from us.

  5. We will teach you how to manage and customize your website layout.

  6. The annual renewal fee is $500. Before it expires, we will contact you to renew the website and hosting.

Full Design website Package:

steps to complete your Full Design Package :

  1. Website Requirements: To get started with our website design package, we’ll need you to provide us with your domain name and address for registration, or your domain/hosting login details if you already have them. Our package includes hosting, domain, and business email for your convenience.

  2. Website Specification: Next, we’ll need information about your products and product categories. This will help us design a website that accurately reflects your business and meets your customers’ needs.

  3. Design Concept: We will work with you to create a design concept for your website. If you have any personal design suggestions, we welcome them. Alternatively, we will send you some samples to give you an idea of the design direction we are taking.

  4. Website Development: Our team will develop a fully operative, secure, responsive, optimized, and user-friendly website for your business.

  5. Content Upload: As part of our website design package, we will upload your content, including text, images, videos, and more, to your website.

  6. Website Demo: Once the development period is complete, we will send you a demo of your website for approval. If you have any design changes you’d like us to make, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests as soon as possible.

  7. Final Review: After completing all of your requested changes, we will deliver the final version of your website. We take great pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

The problem for template and custom for small business web design

1. The issue with templates is that they often lack flexibility and cannot be easily customized beyond their original structure.

2. Traditional custom website development can come with a high communication cost. To address this, we offer a cost-effective solution utilizing the Elementor editor, Framework, and a 1-hour video course. Many satisfied customers have attested to the effectiveness of this approach.

Why other Custom website price is high?

The high cost of a custom website can be attributed to several factors, primarily the high communication cost and the time required for development, which can take at least a month. The customer’s requirements may not be accurately described, resulting in several rounds of modifications that depend on the customer’s availability. Communication between five individuals – sales, programmers, designers, customer employees, and the customer themselves – is crucial and time-consuming, leading to multi-layered communication costs.

While some custom websites are truly tailor-made to suit a company’s unique needs, others may simply copy existing websites. Moreover, whether a website is customized or a template, its impact on SEO depends on the code’s compliance with the W3C standard, as well as the website’s original content and external links. Despite these challenges, investing in a custom website can pay off in terms of unique branding and enhanced user experience.

FOBWP DIY customized website Feature

Creating a website using a template is a cost-effective option compared to building a custom website. It’s important to be transparent with customers about the template being used, as editing the text content, pictures, and colors within the William Factory website system is simple and can be done directly in the backend. The backend also includes a video description, and if there are any questions, customers can reach out to their account manager for assistance.

FOBWP diy customized website package Benefit

The benefits of using our new website template are made even more apparent with our user-friendly visual drag-and-drop editor. You don’t have to possess any knowledge of programming code to create a stunning website layout. With the powerful and simplified Elementor editor, designing a website layout has never been easier. In just one hour of learning, you can create a more visually appealing website than many custom websites.

Our Solution for Small Business website design

Our self-service customization website solution for foreign trade marketing is a game-changer for small businesses. It eliminates the need for traditional template construction and reduces the high communication cost of customizing a website. With only two hours of study, customers can create a professional-looking website that aligns with their vision. Our solution allows customers to personalize their website design, including the free design of Landing Page, according to their unique ideas. They can also freely adjust their website to align with their marketing plan and business market direction.

FOBWP offers a variety of website design packages, including DIY (Do-It-Yourself), Ecommerce, and Full Design packages. Their pricing is competitive and they provide comprehensive services.

  1. DIY website package for $299 per year provides features like live drag and drop editor, WordPress installation, cloud hosting in the USA, automatic backups, premium theme installation, website maintenance, secure web gateway, and a responsive design​.

  2. DIY Ecommerce package for $500 per year includes all the features of the CMS package, a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) and IP, options to choose the server location, and ecommerce functionalities​1​.

  3. Full Design package for $800 (with a renewal fee of $299/year) includes all the features of the CMS package, professional design for up to 6 pages, logo and banner design, and uploading of up to 100 products. The site is delivered in 10 business days​​.

In all the packages, FOBWP takes care of the technical aspects, such as WordPress installation and hosting setup, and provides the client with login information for the website’s backend. We also offer instruction on how to manage and customize the website layout.

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Affordable Website Design Packages for Your Small Business

Customized Solutions that Fit Your Needs and Budget

Are you a small business owner looking to establish a robust online presence? We’re here to help! Our mission is to provide affordable website design packages tailored specifically for small businesses. For just $299 per year, you’ll receive a fully responsive, SEO-optimized WordPress website, complete with cloud hosting, SSL security, and the power to customize it yourself.

Unlike many other website design companies, we specialize in serving small businesses and manufacturing websites. Whether you operate in English or Chinese language markets, our team is equipped to support your unique needs. Our focus is on delivering DIY, customizable, affordable solutions that drive SEO benefits for your business.

Comprehensive Website Package for Small Businesses

Our small business website package provides you with all the tools you need to thrive online. This includes a complete website solution, hosting services, useful plugins, and domain registration paired with a professional business email. We set up everything so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

We utilize WordPress for business websites and Woocommerce for ecommerce shops. If you’re looking to sell products online, we’ve got you covered!

DIY Customization with Elementor Pro

Your brand is unique, and your website should reflect that. With Elementor Pro, you can easily customize your site’s design to match your brand and create an engaging user experience. Plus, you don’t need any coding skills! With our DIY customization approach, you’re in control.

AI-Powered Content for SEO

We utilize AI-powered writing to create professional content that can help increase your website’s ranking on search engines. This means more visibility for your business and better chances of attracting and converting potential customers.

Fast and Stable VPS Hosting for Each Website

We believe in quality over quantity. That’s why each website we work on is hosted on a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS). This ensures fast, stable website speed, enhancing your user’s experience and boosting your SEO efforts.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

We are here to bring your ideas to life. All the websites showcased here have been crafted by our customers, making use of the powerful tools and services we provide.

Join us today and let’s start building the website your small business deserves!

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