I am William of Grassroots Foreign Trade. I will share with you the suggestions for template building and custom website.

The problem for template and custom

1. Most of the templates need to be based on the original structure, and they can’t be personalized well.

2. The traditional custom website communication cost is relatively high. Our solution is to use Elementor editor + Framework + 1 hour video Course. Many of our customers have proved that this solution is very cost-effective.

Why Custom website price is high?

The price of the customized website is high mainly because the communication cost is relatively high, and the minimum is more than one month. Because the customer wants it, it may not be accurately described. After making it, it has to be modified several times, depending on the customer’s time. For example, when the customer is busy, the project may be suspended for a period of time and then started, because it requires constant communication and confirmation, and sales, programmers, designers, customer employees and customers themselves, communication between five people, The customer passes the idea to his employees, his employees communicate with us on the sales side, our sales are communicated with the programmers and designers, and there is communication between the programmers and the designers. The main costs are used for multi-layer communication.

Some custom websites are tailor-made for you based on your company’s situation, but there are also some so-called customizations that copy other websites.

Your customized website may also be copied by others. In addition, in terms of SEO, it is almost the same. Whether it is your customized website or template, it depends on the specification of the code, such as whether it conforms to the W3C standard. The impact on SEO is the original content and external links of the website.

Template website cost

The cost of template construction is much lower than that of a customized website. It is good to say to customers at the beginning, what kind of template is delivered to the customer, so it is relatively straightforward, such as all the text content/picture/color of the William Factory website system. Can be modified directly in the background, the background has a video description, do not understand directly ask the account manager.

New Template website Advantage

With the visual drag-and-drop editor, the advantages of template-building are even more obvious. You don’t need to know the programming code to easily layout the website. How to layout it, especially the Elementor editor, which is very powerful and simple. You can also make a better looking website than many custom websites with 1 hour of learning.

Our Solution for Small Business:

The grassroots foreign trade marketing self-service customization website solution solves the problem of the traditional template construction and solves the problem of high communication cost of the traditional customized website. Customers only need 2 hours of study to make a tall corporate website. Each customer does different things. They can conceive the layout website according to their own ideas, including the free design of Landing Page. Customers can always follow the company’s The marketing plan and business market direction are free to adjust the website.

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